Port tonnage down in April

Tonnage through Fairview Terminal was up in April, but there was an overall drop in tonnage for the Port of Prince Rupert last month.

Tonnage through Fairview Terminal was up more than 35 per cent in April, but a drastic drop in tonnage at Ridley Terminals and Prince Rupert Grain resulted in an overall drop for the Port of Prince Rupert.

Fairview tonnage rose from 48,442 TEUs last April to 65,417 TEUs last month, an increase of 35.04 per cent, with imports up 31.37 per cent and exports up 40.41 per cent.

Westview Terminal saw an increase of more than 339 per cent in April, jumping from 20,568 in 2014 to 90,475 last month.

However, all other terminals were down in April.

Ridley Terminals saw its tonnage drop 72.24 per cent year-over-year, falling from 869,216 tonnes last April to 241,301 tonnes this April.

Prince Rupert Grain tonnage was also down by double-digit percentage points. Last month the terminal shipped 500,380 tonnes compared to 723,422 tonnes in 2014, a drop of 30.83 per cent.

The number of logs being shipped from the harbour was down 1.24 per cent, dropping slightly from 30,014 tonnes to 29,642 tonnes.

Overall tonnage through the port fell by 28.75 per cent year-over-year, declining from 2.13 million tonnes last April to 1.52 million tonnes last month. Year-to-date tonnage at the Port of Prince RupertĀ  is down 8.71 per cent.