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Valentine’s Day for Car Lovers

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect stage to showcase your romantic side by pampering that car lover in your life.

By Blair Qualey

Valentine’s Day has become a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romance and love, across the world. And while it traditionally serves as an opportunity to share and exchange gifts with loved ones, it also has an application for auto lovers.

As we grow older, our love for cars takes centre stage, and we remember how these machines became cherished companions on life’s journey. Whether it’s a high-school student opening the passenger door for their first date with that special someone, or a retired couple taking a romantic drive to their favourite spots for some sentimental nostalgia, in the spirit of this celebration of love, let’s explore ways to deepen our connection with cars and make Valentine’s Day truly special for car enthusiasts.

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect stage to showcase your romantic side by pampering that car lover in your life — or your beloved vehicle! Give your car the ultimate pampering experience with a ‘Spa Day for Your Car,’ like a deluxe detailing package that will leave your vehicle feeling rejuvenated and looking its absolute best.

Perhaps an upgrade to your vehicle’s sound system, so the whole world can hear how much you adore you significant other by blasting love ballads.

Perfume is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and that goes for cars as well as people with an aromatic new air freshener or spray. And of course, you can’t go wrong with new jewellery… in the form of a shiny set of rims, of course!

As we dive into the spirit of love, why not make this Valentine’s Day extra special by heading to your local New Car dealership? Enjoy discounts, indulge in romantic test drive experiences, or join in on the fun of themed events designed with love (and cars) in mind!

Connect with us on social media, where our shared passion for cars comes alive, and we can collectively celebrate Valentine’s Day together. These heartwarming promotions aren’t just about great deals – they’re about creating memorable experiences and building a stronger connection between you and your special someone.

Who needs flowers and chocolate when a slick new ride is just waiting for you?

Speaking of special days, mark your calendars for the Vancouver International Auto Show, making its grand return from March 21 to 24, 2024. This flagship event promises a fantastic experience, featuring more than 200 vehicles in 200,000+ square feet of space at the Vancouver Convention Centre. From luxury supercars to the EV and PHEV Test Drive Experience, immerse yourselves in a celebration of the automotive world’s innovation, performance, and artistry. Read more here.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s make it a celebration that goes beyond just cars; it’s about the shared experiences, the memories, and the community we create together. Whether you’re captivated by the allure of special edition vehicles, finding the perfect vehicle for that first date, or taking your spouse to the Vancouver International Auto Show, remember that the common thread are the vehicles that take us on these journeys.

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at