Todd Hamilton

Time for Prince Rupert to write the play

Prince Rupert, Act III, Scene 1: To NDP or not to NDP, that is the question

On the wrong side of the social safety net

She did the right thing but got caught in the net.

Prince Rupert City Councillor Jennifer Rice should resign her seat

After being named as NDP nominee, Jennifer Rice needs to resign her seat on city council.

PRAK you

There were four letter words, but miserable most aptly described the foul mood of the driver.

Prince Rupert city council should be square holes

Murphy must live on Montgomery Road. As Murphy’s Law states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Prince Rupert rants and raves

He had been walking up and down the street for more than three hours collecting bottles for a music studio. He made about $6, he figured.

Dog owner discrimination in Prince Rupert

I am being discriminated against. Shaun Thomas wrote earlier this month about a homelessness crisis approaching in Prince Rupert.

Scenes from Prince Rupert’s Remembrance Day

Despite the heavy rain, hundreds came out to the cenotaph in Prince Rupert on Nov. 11 to honour Canada's war veterans.

Tsunami warnings are wonderful… if you hear them

Prince Rupert needs another shake. In cities and towns across Canada, they can warn you when you’re hungry.

The importance of the resume

The Prince Rupert Northern View and Prince Rupert partners are publishing an ongoing series highlighting employment in the area.

Get off the couch, get your resumé and get to work

Oil refinery debate be damned, she just wanted a job.

Prince Rupert LNG project in jeopardy after feds reject Petronas takeover

Rejection of Petronas' $5.2 billion takeover of Canada's Progress Energy could have dramatic consequences for Prince Rupert.

A prairie boy from Mars, Prince Rupert from Venus

She looked at me as if I had just jumped out of a spaceship and planted the martian flag on McBride Avenue.

Prince Rupert Port Authority looking to buy a portion of Stapledon Island

Port Edward council has tentatively approved a purchase option for land on Stapledon Island by the Prince Rupert Port Authority.