Trade deal a positive for Prince Rupert

new regulations relating to the movement of cargo between the United States and Canada makes quite the statement to shippers.

First Nations and the Enbridge Northern Gateway

Enbridge was once again in the news on a few occasions this week, although this time it was with a mix of good and bad news.

Lots of good news from Ridley Terminals

On Monday afternoon I had the opportunity to join some local leaders, high school students and fellow media on a tour of Ridley Terminals.

Election results and staying the course

The people of Prince Rupert on Saturday sent a clear message about the operation of the City.

Get out there and vote this Saturday

There is perhaps no politician that is going to have more of an impact on your day-to-day life than a municipal politician.

Finally good news from Watson Island

The ongoing saga of Watson Island took another turn this week with the announcement of an MOU between Colonial Coal and the Coast Tsimshian.

Why would the City of Prince Rupert want to sell CityWest?

It seems that every time an election comes around, the issue of CityWest pops up.

The importance of an informed vote

In last week’s editorial I spoke about the job that lays ahead for Prince Rupert’s next council.

A priority for the Prince Rupert’s new council

Election season on the North Coast is now in full swing with the closing of the nomination period on October 14.

A tale of two varied performance stats

This week there were two different groups that released performance statistics, and they paint two very different pictures of where Prince Rupert is at and where Prince Rupert is going.

Run and influence Prince Rupert’s future

It takes a unique kind of person to hold any elected position, but perhaps none more so than those who hold municipal positions.

Surprised by pellet announcement

Last Monday I attended my first council meeting in quite some time, with Monica diligently filling the role for about the past year, and what a welcome back it was.

Ability to sell schools should be a no brainer

Students in Prince Rupert returned to a school system that is much different than it was back in June, with the introduction of the middle school and senior secondary system and the movement of the French Immersion program from the now closed Westview Elementary School to Roosevelt Park Elementary School.

Remembering Jack Layton…

Out of all of the Federal party leaders that have come and gone since I really began following politics just after high school, there’s no question Jack Layton seemed like the most real.

Ferry costs, nothing else, is to blame for ridership drop

I wonder what the view is like from David Hahn’s office in Victoria, because he’s certainly not seeing things the same way the people who use the ferry system he presides over are.

Trip shows the need for new detachment in Prince Rupert

If you want to know just one of the reasons that a new RCMP detachment in Prince Rupert makes sense, take a quick drive down Highway 16 and check out some of the other locales.

Fairview Terminal is just that much better

Last week’s front page story outlined a potential investigation into Fairview Terminal by the Federal Maritime Commission of the United States Government following complaints about unfair competitive practices such as rail subsidies and anti-NAFTA procedures.

National crime stats are perplexing

While Prince Rupert works to recruit new employees and families to fill the numerous positions expected to become available due to either expansion or retirement, something I touched on in last week’s editorial, the national crime stats are certainly not going to be doing us any favours.

Attracting employees to meet job growth

What an interesting media call Minister Pat Bell had on Thursday afternoon. It was one that was filled with both good news and bad news, and I’m not quite sure how to take it to be honest.

It’s time to end the asbestos trade

This past week at Rotary, MP Nathan Cullen came to speak to the club and one of the topics he touched on was asbestos, and more to the point how despicable it is that Canadian organizations and companies are spending millions of dollars to get the hazardous material out of company and government buildings while the country continues to ship it to developing countries like India.