Looking at the price of the Watson Island sale in Prince Rupert

On Wednesday morning details surrounding the possible sale of Watson Island came to the surface, and it certainly wasn’t what was expected.

US Government report a bit surprising

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the report from the Federal Maritime Commission about the movement of containers.

Plans needed to address debris on Haida Gwaii

Every year I try to take at least a weekend, preferably longer, to get away from it all on Haida Gwaii’s north beach.

Glad pellet discussion is taking place in Prince Rupert

Last Tuesday I took the opportunity to take in the open house about the Pinnacle Pellet export terminal proposed for Westview Terminal.

Hearings show unimportance of Enbridge review panel

This week’s Enbridge hearings paint a pretty telling picture of the mood of people in the region as it relates to the review process.

Dumping on Wantage Road has to stop

There really is no easy way to say this: The dumping of garbage on Wantage Road is getting out of hand and is a definite eyesore.

Prince Rupert had quite the showing on May 4 cruise day

Sometimes it is amazing the amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making something a success.

Playing telephone with Yertle the Turtle in Prince Rupert

When I was young and a member of the Beavers (the youngest group of Scouts), we used to play a game called telephone.

A look at social media and media…

The role of social media is changing a lot of things - the way people communicate and share information and the way businesses interact.

It’s time to really sell Prince Rupert

May is coming up, and in Prince Rupert that usually means that around the middle of the month the first cruise ship of the year pulls in.

Now is not the time for Prince Rupert to redo its website

The issue of whether or not the City of Prince Rupert should invest in redoing the website is a divisive one.

Enough with the talk about Ridley Terminals sale

Here we go again. That was my thought when I got word that Ridley Terminals COO said the government was looking to sell Ridley Terminals.

More input needed on new emergency building in Prince Rupert

Last Monday the City of Prince Rupert held the first of many public forums on the proposed emergency building.

More good news for Prince Rupert while I’m gone

Wow, after catching up on the news it becomes apparent that I have to go on vacation more often.

Polarized by the Enbridge Northern Gateway

Prince Rupert took to the national stage this weekend, with over 1,000 people marching along McBride Street.

Getting set for the 53rd All Native

It’s that time of year again, and I’m getting pretty pumped.

Guest comment: Talk to your kids…

I came across this in one of our sister papers. It tells an important message, and a pertinent one.

Budget change is a welcome one…

While I didn’t actually attend, I must say that this week’s meeting of Prince Rupert Council seems like a step in the right direction

Looking back and looking ahead…

I always look forward to the first few weeks of the year when it comes to news as it is a chance to look at where we have come in 12 months.

A Christmas list for the North Coast

The year has absolutely flown by and Christmas is just four days away!