This Week — Episode 46

Tyler Portelance and Shannon Lough discuss the Quickclimb, Ridley Terminals’ AGM and more

This Week – Episode 45

Filmed in front of a tall ship at the public breakwater dock, Tyler and Nivan read the news

This Week – Episode 43

Tyler Portelance and Joey Jack talk about the end of Pacific NorthWest LNG and Udderfest with guests

This Week — Episode 42

Tyler and Joey travel back in time to the Intertidal Music Festival

This Week – Episode 41

The hosts discuss wildfires spreading across BC and how to avoid hitting a humpback whale in the sea

This Week – Episode 40

New look, new venue, new style with Tyler Portelance hosting the podcast in Prince Rupert

This Week – Episode 39

Tyler reunites with Kim in this Canada 150 special with guest Ken Shaw of Transition Prince Rupert

This Week – Episode 38

Lyle returns to host the podcast with Kim and a guest who addresses elder abuse in the community.

This Week – Episode 37

On the podcast, Kim and Lyle discuss Seafest, local heroes, sports and more.

This Week Podcast — Episode 36

A new format with guests rolling in to talk about Seafest, Janis Joplin and the Skeena River Relay

This Week Podcast – Episode 35

Seafest or Landfest, the hosts debate the sudden shake up of a 39-year-old tradition.

This Week Podcast – Episode 34

A preview on events this weekend, including Relay for Life, Smolt Fest, Bike to Work Week and more.

This Week Podcast – Episode 33

This week we examine end-of-life care, the crane arrival and the B.C. Annual Dance Competition.

This Week Podcast – Episode 32

For a special podcast we follow Tyler and Kim to the voting place for the 2017 B.C. election.

This Week Podcast – Episode 31

Park enhancements, soup bowls and autism awareness are all subjects on Prince Rupert’s podcast.

This Week Podcast – Episode 29

Earth Day, 60s rock and roll, oil slicks and pilots are all a part of this week's podcast with Kim and Nivan in Prince Rupert.

This Week – Podcast Episode 28

Is LPG the new LNG? Read through the news with Tyler and Kim on what is happening in Prince Rupert this week on the podcast.

This Week podcast – Episode 27

Kim and Tyler talk about the infamous car wash rock on Highway 16, the LNG benefits agreements signed with two more First Nations.

This Week Podcast – Episode 26

Watch, listen and laugh as hosts Tyler and Kim of MacCarthyGM discuss their take on the Prince Rupert news of the week.

This Week Podcast – Week 25

Tyler & Kim talk to two hard working entrepreneurs and talk about awards, jobs, cruise ships and drones.