Heart Of Our City

VIDEO and Story: Don’t judge a book by its cover

Erik Langille balances academic life with one of Udder chaos

VIDEO and story: Heart of Our City – Uncle Chris of the Big Northern Lights

Chris Pahl has been with the Tsimshian dance group for the past 13 years

Life long love of cooking sets table for future

Bonnie Campbell prefered watching The Urban Peasant after school

VIDEO and story: Heart of Our City – A fish out of water

Dai Fukusaku grew up in Tokyo, studied music in Pennsylvania and is a sushi artist in Prince Rupert

VIDEO and story: Heart of Our City – The original McNish

John McNish loves to tell stories, support Rotary and promote Prince Rupert as an ambassador

VIDEO and story: Heart of Our City — Addicted to giving

Maggie Wesley once needed help, and now she spends her time helping others

VIDEO and story: Heart of Our City — The Captains depart after 15 years

Captain Gary Shiels retires from his duties at the Prince Rupert Salvation Army

VIDEO and story: Trees, sheep and fire dancing

Karen Buchanaon was once a tree dweller in Cape Breton before moving to Prince Rupert

VIDEO and Story: Heart of Our City – Tacos and toast

While waiting to become a Canadian resident, Daniela Cappelli volunteered with her daughter in tow

VIDEO and story: Box of Soul – Danny Sklapsky

Danny Sklapsky’s songs speak to life on the North Coast of B.C.

VIDEO and Story: Heart of Our City – Watchkeeper of the North

Ed McCarter the younger is a survivalist, military veteran and Canadian Ranger in Prince Rupert.

VIDEO and Story: Heart of Our City – Carving her best

Dale Campbell has been a female carver for 45 years, and she continues to share her work globally.

VIDEO and STORY: Heart of Our City — A patchwork of pastimes

Erin Seidemann was born with a rare disability but that doesn’t stop her from volunteering.

STORY AND VIDEO: Heart of our City, Teddy Keehn: From the Empress to the Empress

Born and raised in Prince Rupert, Keehn’s parents moved to Victoria in 1965, and he moved with them.

STORY AND VIDEO — Heart of our City: From Ohio to the North Coast

For some it may be fate, chance, synchronicity or God’s actions that explain how life unfolds in the most unexpected ways

Heart of Our City: Off the beaten trail (video)

The world may be your oyster, but the North Coast is his playground.

Heart of Our City: Planting the seed of life (VIDEO)

Altruistic acts in the community can be found in all sizes and forms — even the shape of a kidney.

Heart of Our City: Canvases and colour by the water (video)

When she was only 12-years-old, the Museum of Northern B.C. hosted her first art show — and every piece of her work sold

Heart of Our City: A mother … in law (video)

Shelby O'Brien came to Prince Rupert to work at the port, but since then she's joined Toastmasters and marine search and rescue.

STORY AND VIDEO: Women who have proven that ‘Yes they can’

International Women’s Day on March 8 celebrates female achievements and rallies for gender equality in all corners of the Earth