Half marathon racers and relay teams cross the starting line in Sunday’s race.

Rupert Half kicks off spring

The first half marathon of the year in Prince Rupert was under a bright sunny sky and had more than 100 participants.

Ted McCreery and Derek Flynn, with a time of 1:29:54, were the big winners of the men’s division relay half-marathon race at the Rupert Runners’ Half Marathon and Relay plus 8K event on Sunday. Brittany Segin and Brittanne O’Connor won the women’s relay with a time of 1:53:06. Second went to Anna-Maria Prohaska and Crystal Sawatzky with a solid time of 1:57:00. Third place was Heather Rose and Lena Steinbrenner coming in at 2:07:46. Winners of the mixed category were Amber and Nicholas Sheasgreen with a time of 1:46:12, second went to Steve Wessel and Bonnie Corey with a time of 1:59:25 and third place went to Tianna Wright and Michael Cote with a time of 2:01:13.

The half marathon race had two categories of male and female runners, competing in an under-40 division and 40-49 age bracket. Winners of the female and male under-40 category were Matt Redekopp (1:36:39), and Marcie LeBlanc (1:46:52). Second place finishers were Jesse Newton (1:52:23) and Caitlin DuBiel (1:48:58). Third place went to Shannon Lough with a time of 1:52:09.

The 8K Race saw the most participants. Divisions included were female and male under-40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ and one competitor over 75.

The under-40 female division was won by Emma Payne (36:57). Second went to Leigh Anne Magnusson (37:45). Third went to Sandra Tanveen (38:43).

The under-40 men’s division winner was Lindsay Smith (31:51). Second went to Son Nguyen (32:47) and third place was won by Josh Cook (33:52).

The female 40-49 winner was Megan Reid (39:05), second went to Nola Strimbold (46:20) and third went to Jan Legaspi (49:00).

The men’s 40-49 winner was James Deltour (41:50), second went to James Koch (44:24) and third went to Mino Verde (55:12).

Gail Bennett won the women’s 50-59 age group with a time of 43:17. Second went to Elin Scott (55:06) and third place was won by Mamie Lawson (58:15).

The men’s 50-59 age group was won by Dale Robinson (42:38), second place was Bob Cuthbert (45:30), and third place was won by Finn Conradsen with a time of (55:06).

Dale White placed first in the 60+ men’s group with a time of 45:48. Mike Reid placed second (48:00) and Kury Schlegel got third place (58:55).

The lone 75+ competitor was Don Cross who finished with a solid time of 1:11:45.