Sarah McChesney (left) helps an area school swimmer during Saturday’s program finale.

Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club school outreach program a success

The PRASC wrapped up their five-week elementary school outreach program on Saturday.

The Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club (PRASC) wrapped up their five-week elementary school outreach program on Saturday and had approximately 20 kids come out for the voluntary program finale.

The partnership between PRASC and the school district saw more than 50 children take part in swimming lessons and games, led by their teachers and PRASC swim members.

“Because it’s through the school, the kids don’t really have a choice, whether they’ve decided to take lessons or not,” said Roosevelt Park vice-principal Kerri Levelton.

The students were separated into three groups – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The PRASC Rapids team members helped the kids swim laps in the pool during the morning with flotation tubes, held them up and instructed them on the proper forms of swimming. The students had come from all over the Northwest.

“They’ll help the little ones kick and, if they need it, swim beside them as they race,” said Levelton, whose daughter Amy Leighton (13) was one of the helpers.

“It gets everybody in the water and not afraid to swim.”

The categories for the final day which was just meant for fun, were (in varying distances) flutter kicks with a partner, backstroke kick (with or without a board), freestyle, backstroke, senior partner kick, a mat relay, lifejacket relay and ‘fun’ relay.

“There are four sessions for each school and my school had two classes that went,” explained Levelton.

Before they kicked off the day, the team leaders made sure the kids stretched beside the diving boards to get them ready.