In Our Opinion: There is no question

It is our hope the discussion and options come down to substantive issues.

  • Jan 25th, 2017

In Our Opinion: Welcome to the 58th ANBT

The All Native Basketball Tournament is upon Prince Rupert for the 58th time this week.

  • Feb 15th, 2017

Letter to the Editor: ANBT made right decision

ANBT has made the right choice in sending out a letter that they are to enforce no politics at this years basketball tournament.

A totem pole is raised on Lelu Island
    Practicing for a 'quake
      Heart of Our City - Trish Banighen
        MVP of the Week: The Vick Brothers

          Letter to the editor: Banning log export bad business

          Banning log exports would be an economically-harmful policy and there are better policy options that could benefit the B.C. forestry sector.

          • Mar 15th, 2017

          Letter to the Editor: Child poverty in Rupert

          Families are losing their children to the child welfare system because they can’t afford the basic necessities

          Letter to the Editor: Colorado responds to Rupert mayor

          The fact is every subsequent poll indicates the majority of Colorado voters continue supporting the end of cannabis prohibition

          Letter to the Editor: Data pans First Nations election rules

          A new Fraser Institute study highlights the problematic aspects of custom election codes for First Nations in Canada

          Letter to the Editor: Housing affordability, a provincial priority

          By introducing this program, the province will ensure first-time homebuyers have stable housing for themselves and for their families

          Letter to the Editor: Nothing new in new federal budget

          It seems what’s old is new again in Budget 2017, presented to the House of Commons last week.

          • Mar 29th, 2017

          Letter to the Editor: Oscar the cat, happy in Minnesota

          I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year. Oscar is going doing well and has even adjusted to our new move.

          Letter to the Editor: Reform debacle axed promise

          This is a total betrayal of those who voted for your party and those who worked very hard on the non-partisan Electoral Reform Committee

          Letter to the Editor: Rupert gouged ANBT visitors

          Hi, having just returned from the All Native Tournament in Prince Rupert I have a few observations about the week.

          Letter to the Editor: Sad state of affairs

          Roderick MacIssac was one of eight health ministry workers fired in 2012. He later took his own life, as a result of that firing

          Letter to the Editor: Some corrections to Tom Fletcher’s ‘Fake News’ article

          In last week’s paper, Tom Fletcher accused our organization and others of spreading “fake news”. In response, we have a number of questions

          Letter to the Editor: The ability to produce results matters

          People are tired of feeling left behind from the economic prosperity being experienced across the province; they want jobs and growth here

          Letter to the Editor: Trudeau’s promise, a phony lie

          We are stuck with a system that presides over a voter decline from apathy (in the 5th decile), that is universally disliked and disrespected

          Letter to the Editor: Weitz’s comments inaccurate

          I read with interest the article ‘Feds launch review about project approval process’ and wanted to correct a couple of inaccurate statements

          Letter to the Editor: You gotta love election years

          Just one short year ago in the BC Budget lockup, de Jong gave an impassioned defence of the Medical Services Premium (MSP) tax

          Letter to the Editor: Mayor, council should be ashamed of Vimy snub

          We owe our freedom to men such as these. We are taught in school ‘Lest we forget’ and ‘in morning we will remember them’.

          Letter to the Editor: YPR move in Rupert’s best interests

          As residents, we take this critical transportation link for granted; however it is vital to our economy and quality of life