Letter to the Editor: YPR move in Prince Rupert’s best interests

We take this critical transportation link for granted, however it is vital to our economy


I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to the City of Prince Rupert and the Board of YPR on the redesign of the Prince Rupert Airport.

As residents, we take this critical transportation link for granted; however it is vital to our economy and quality of life.

I have been involved on the periphery in trying to make the passenger experience more welcoming, comfortable and faster. I believe as a community we have made significant improvements to the overall experience but more can be done.

The recent changes to the board of directors will better align the airport operations and finances with the City of Prince Rupert. I value the volunteers who fulfill these types of roles within our community; however the financial commitments, and infrastructure demands should be the responsibility of council and staff.

The recent appointments of Prince Rupert Economic Development Officer Paul Vendittelli, Director of Operations Richard Pucci, and City Administrator Rory Mandryk are evidence of the importance of the facility. I am confident they will continue to grow our economy while managing our expenditures.

YPR will continue to be a critical piece of infrastructure to grow industry investment, continue to support the local economy, and ultimately ensure our quality of life.

Scott Farwell

Prince Rupert