Job vision could be blurred

With Kitimat Clean (KC), David Black proposes "reducing the planet's greenhouse gas emissions"


With Kitimat Clean (KC), David Black proposes “reducing the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions”

Laudable, but is it greenwash? The end use of KC’s product will augment GGE, and the tar sands, KC’s source, has its own sorry story with more than just global warming. Moreover, the threat of Northern Gateway is in no way reduced.

Need for caution on Mr. Black’s argument appears most graphically when paint from his green brush gets in his eyes and he contradicts himself: his claimed jobs “in excess of 50 years” two paragraphs later becomes “good permanent jobs.” Vision can so blind us.

If he wishes “far better for the global environment”, Mr. Black could invest in conversion to fixed rail transport and plastics alternatives: extraordinary job creation, with a safer future.

Dr. David Heinimann,

Terrace, B.C.