Prince Rupert RCMP were called to handle a buck caught in a backyard hammock last week. The nearest conservation officer is 140km away. (Quinn Bender / The Northern View)

In Our Opinion: Wrong people for the job

Why Rupert needs a conservation officer in the community

Thousands of viewers on our website saw a battle between a deer and a hammock.

A number of those viewers took to our commenting section to either praise or, as is too frequent on unsocial media, belittle the efforts of the RCMP officers attempting to free the animal.

Let’s get one thing very straight — it is not the cops’ job.

We thank them for their valiant efforts even if the unfortunate deer took with it a souvenir — a souvenir that some quite accurately pointed out could be still the death of the animal.

Again, top marks for trying but they are neither trained nor equipped for the task.

One can only imagine the hue and cry of the internet trolls if the officers would have tasered the animal to get it fully under control.

As well, the phone lines lit up for For Nancy and Gunther Golina at the Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

They used to do it but well into their retirement they simply should not even be on someone’s speed dial.

Nope. This job is for a conservation officer.

Something we don’t have here. But hopefully, something that Jennifer Rice, now that she has the power can remedy in short order.

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