David Black got it right

Hats off to David Black's clear account of a better way to hold more permanent oil patch jobs in the area.


Hats off to David Black’s clear account of a better way to hold more permanent oil patch jobs in the area.

Also it points out the economic deceptions in the Enbridge proposals. Theirs is an economics of lack, generated by corporate self-interest with short term benefits to the area.

The times demand we separate the wheat from the chaff. Our economics is in the grip of a totalitarian oligarchy of rule by a few whose interests are selfish and narrow in outlook. They are using deceptive advertising to further their cause.

The saving point is that we live in a democracy where we can all exercise our free will. It is a matter of choice and in spite of the magnitude of the infiltration of distorted values, that choice is a simple and easy one.

The chaff is an economics of lack where more is never enough. This attitude misses the purpose of wealth, which is meant to bring individual happiness and satisfaction. The mind is always agitated in such a state.

The wheat is the sweetness of a settled mind, at peace with what one has and a knowingness that future needs will be met. It is a state of abundance where one can live life at peace with ourselves and those around us.

As said, the choice is an easy one. Nothing can be done about others, but every one of us can choose to place a moment of stillness in our lives at any time, maybe just a few minutes before and after work. It will be found that a few moments of stillness can grow into a bit of peace of mind. It’s very magical. Soon a bit of balance begins to grow in our individual lives and a feeling of satisfaction comes along. It is because out of the stillness all life emerges and that source is accessed for us in our quiet moments.

It is an easy pleasant moment that makes life worth living again.

Cliff Bell Brown

Prince Rupert B.C.