Celebrating good corporate citizenship

If you haven't had a chance to go see the gazebo in Port Edward for yourself, it may well be worth the trip.

If you haven’t had a chance to go see the gazebo in Port Edward for yourself, it may well be worth the trip.

Coupled with the view of Porpoise Harbour and the new playground installed at the school, the gazebo is a phenomenal addition to the community. It’s not something that was hastily thought through or thrown together, but rather only adds to the visual appeal of the area with its curved supports and dual roof structure.

A covered area like that would certainly be a welcome addition to an area such as Mariner’s Park, but I digress.

The gazebo has been something that has been on the wish-list of Port Edward council for more than a decade. But with a downturn in the economy and a responsibility to the taxpayers, justifying that kind of investment was just not something council could easily do.

Enter the BG Group.

With its $20,000 contribution to make the project a reality, the proponents of the Ridley Island LNG facility made a dream into a reality in Port Edward. It’s not something they had to do and in fact they never publicized the donation once through a photo-op or press release — the photo and story you see on Page 3 came from information obtained from Port Edward council, not the company. But it is something the BG Group wanted to do in appreciation of the people of Port Edward taking time to meet with them and of the council for allowing environmental monitoring equipment to be set up in their boundaries.

In short, it was something the company did to be a good corporate citizen.

That spirit of corporate citizenship was on display earlier that same day as well when Derek Baker and representatives from Pacific NorthWest LNG got their hands dirty out at Galloway Rapids to clean up garbage from the site. Much like the BG Group, Pacific NorthWest LNG heard of a desire for the area to be cleaned and they got it done.

Whether you agree with LNG or not, you have to acknowledge that kind of corporate involvement.