The push is on for Port Edward dog park

The push is underway to get a dog-friendly park in Port Edward.

The push is underway to get a dog-friendly park in Port Edward.

At the Jan. 13 meeting, council brought forward a petition signed by 85 residents seeking an off-leash park similar to Doug Kerr Field in Prince Rupert.

“Many of us here in Port Edward have dogs and we all share the same challenge. This town is rich with wildlife, predators included, which limits a lot of our dogs to leashes. This is not always enough; dogs need to run,” wrote Mark Hill in the petition preamble.

Those signing the petition are asking council to make the current soccer field in the community a dog park, saying it would both benefit dog owners and make the field more of an asset to the community.

“There are no organized sports teams that practice nor are there any games or tournaments held there. It seems a waste of a perfectly good field … we think if you allowed dogs on the field, more people would use it responsibly and [respectfully],” wrote Hill, who acknowledged there could be concern from other users.

“It is beautifully kept with the grass well looked after, so we can understand your concern for the feces some negligent owners may leave behind, but banning dogs is not the answer, especially seeing as during the spring it is completely covered with geese droppings. Dogs on the field would help prevent this.”

While the petition came before council last Tuesday, it won’t be discussed until the Jan. 28 meeting as Councillors Dan Franzen and Christine McKenzie were absent from the meeting.

“I would like to have this held over so we can have a better discussion,” said Counc. Knut Bjorndal.