Plans are in place for the creation of a convenience store at truck stop at the Port Edward turnoff.

Taylor Lake campers kicked out, convenience store planned and other notes from Port Edward council

People parking for extended periods of time at the Taylor Lake pullout have been told to vacate the premises.

Don’t camp at Taylor

People parking for extended periods of time at the Taylor Lake pullout have been told to vacate the premises.

Following up on a letter of complaint from Prince Rupert Mayor Jack Mussallem, district staff contacted the Ministry of Transportation to enhance enforcement of rules in place for the site.

“The Ministry of Transportation was out on Friday night and those overnighting were given a letter indicating they cannot camp there. They will also be putting up new signs prohibiting overnight stays and enhancing enforcement so people can’t camp there,” said chief administrative officer Ron Bedard.

While Coun. Knut Bjorndal questioned why what happened at Taylor Lake was of any concern to the city, acting mayor Christine Mackenzie said the letter is in response to concerns raised by the


“They have been getting complaints from people because it is full all the time, so people that want to use the area during the day can’t,” she said.


Convenience store planned

The District of Port Edward has offered up its support to plans for a truck stop and convenience store at the intersection of Highway 16 and the Highway 559 leading to the Port Edward.

Proponent John Major has applied to the province for the purchase of 2.71 hectares of crown land at the site to build the store, an idea that found support among all of council.

“Our response should be favourable one way or another. I think this fits in with our community plan and doesn’t go against any ideas we have for the community,” said Coun. Knut Bjorndal.

However, people shouldn’t expect shovels to be hitting the ground any time soon. Bedard said he expects it to take another year or so before Major takes ownership if the province agrees to the sale.


Supporting takes flight

Port Edward council has added its voice to those calling for Nav Canada to keep its flight service station in Prince Rupert operational.

Council will be sending Transport Canada, Nav Canada and others involved in the operation a letter similar to that sent by the City of Prince Rupert in hopes of having the federal agency change its mind.

“I have talked to people at the Prince Rupert Airport Authority and they don’t see it as a big deal, but I think it is a big deal because they don’t include seaplane traffic in operations,” said Coun. Dan Franzen.


Remuneration released

According to the district’s Statement of Financial Information, Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald received $9,960 during the last year, while councillors received $5,860. Total expenses for council reached $57,483 inpart due to the trip to Malaysia.