The Robinson family is seeking answers to the circumstances that led to the deaths of Angie and her son Robert.

Social services for families with autistic children called into question following murder-suicide involving mother and son

The family of the Prince Rupert mother and son whose bodies were discovered are calling into question services offered to autistic children.

The family of the mother and son whose bodies were discovered at their home on Ebert Street on April 3 are calling into question services offered to autistic children and their families in Prince Rupert.

The family of the two confirm that 40-year-old Angie Robinson and her 16-year-old son Robert were found in their home.

Prince Rupert RCMP have confirmed it was a murder-suicide, with Angie taking the life of Robert before committing suicide.

In a statement, the family describes the relationship between Angie and Robert as being filled with the kind of love that typically exists between a mother and her son.

“Angie was a single mother, very shy, loving, and kind-hearted. Her beautiful boy Robert was diagnosed with autism at a very early age,” explained the family.

“Angie and Robert were always together, whether it was walking around Prince Rupert or on the Butze Rapids trail.”

Given the closeness of the two, the family said they are determined to look further into the circumstances that led to the tragic events of April 3.

“The services available for autistic children and families of autistic children are very limited in Prince Rupert,” wrote the family.

“A complete assessment of current services and services required are at the forefront of the family’s investigation -so that the hopelessness felt by a mother who wanted nothing but help with her son so that he could live with her forever will not be felt by another family.”

At this time, Const. Matt Ericson said RCMP will not be releasing any additional details regarding the circumstances surrounding the two deaths out of respect for the family. The family, meanwhile, said it has appreciated the work done by RCMP on this case.

“The family would like to thank the Prince Rupert RCMP and Coroners Service for the respectful, compassionate professionalism shown to us in this very difficult time,” read the family’s statement, which also acknowledged the Gitxaala band, the Prince Rupert School District and friends and family.