Province approves city’s expansion plans

The City of Prince Rupert just got a little bigger.

The City of Prince Rupert just got a little bigger.

On May 16, the provincial government announced it had approved a request from council to include the land containing the city’s water supply on the other side of Fern Passage within the municipal boundaries.

District Lot 444 is a parcel of land already owned by the city, but Mayor Jack Mussallem said it was important to get it within the formal boundary.

“This inclusion protects the city’s source of drinking water and will lead to sustainable growth and other opportunities,” he said.

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Coralee Oakes also noted the inclusion of this land presents some good opportunities for the city going forward.

“The Government of British Columbia is pleased to work with local  governments in the Northwest to prepare for industrial development and  the economic opportunity it will bring to communities,” she said.

The city applied to the province for the inclusion of the land in early March after receiving no negative feedback on the idea and Mussallem said he is grateful for the quick response.

“The City of Prince Rupert appreciates the provincial government’s  support through the Ministry … for the inclusion of District Lot 444 into the municipal boundaries,” he said.

Plans for further expansion of municpal boundaries remain on hold following concerns raised by neighbouring communities.