City of Prince Rupert outline pay for employees and elected officials

11 employees of the City of Prince Rupert took home more than $100,000 in pay and benefits while the city's payroll topped $12.3 million.

In 2013, a total of 11 employees of the City of Prince Rupert took home more than $100,000 in pay and benefits while the city’s total payroll topped $12.3 million.

According to the city’s 2013 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) released on Monday, fire chief Dave McKenzie topped the city’s payroll with pay and benefits totalling $131,240 in 2013, while retired director of public works Bill Horne was not far behind with pay and benefits totalling $129,747. In total, the 45 employees making over $75,000 per year account for $4.2 million of the total payroll while other employees account for $7.8 million.

In terms of council renumeration, in 2013 Prince Rupert Mayor Jack Mussallem received pay and benefits totalling $42,474 while claiming expenses totalling $23,718 for a total expenditure of $66,192. The remaining six councillors who spent the entire year on council — Anna Ashley, Judy Carlick-Perason, Gina Garon, Joy Thorkelson and Nelson Kinney — received remuneration and benefits totalling $13,180 while expenses varied from a low of $1,722 for Thorkelson to a high of $6,699 for Kinney. The total remuneration for councillors in 2013 was $114,964 while tot total including expenses was $159,037.

In 2013 the city provided $1.47 million in grants or contributions to the community, with the Prince Rupert Public Library receiving the most money by far. The library received a $522,000 operating grant, Tourism Prince Rupert received $300,000 including $223,419 from the hotel tax, the Museum of Northern B.C. received $201,500, the golf course received a $150,406 operating grant and the Lester Centre received $110,000.

In terms of legal expenses, as the city battled Sun Wave Forest Products in court up to the end of August, the SOFI shows $414,232 paid to the Valkyrie Law Group during calendar 2013.