$1.5 million to upgrade Port Ed crossings

Port Edward council committed to upgrading four railway crossings and rid the community of the train whistle.

Councillors in Port Edward voted in favour of ridding the town of train whistles by upgrading four railway crossings.

Port Edward council committed to spending $1.5 million to upgrade four railway crossings and rid the community of the train whistle every time CN passes through the district.

Council has already approved more than $700,000 in funds and they are waiting for funds from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, which the chief administrative officer Bob Payette said will put the district over the $1 million mark.

It will take four to six months for CN to procure the materials to build the crossings. There is still hope that the district will find enough funds to pay for the whole amount from other companies who haven’t rejected their appeal.

All councillors were in favour of spending the money to upgrade the crossings.


The Cigarette Butt Deposit Return Program promoted by the City of North Vancouver was brought up for discussion. The program aims to reduce cigarette butt litter by increasing the cost of a cigarette package by $1 and the consumer could get a refund if they returned the pack with 20 used filters inside. The concept to bring in a province-wide deposit return program was swiftly re-filed by council members.