Crime Stoppers hosts youth camps

On Aug. 4 and again on Aug. 25, two groups of eight youth descended upon the Skeena River for week-long camps.

On Aug. 4 and again on Aug. 25, two groups of eight youth descended upon the Skeena River for week-long camps designed to foster an environment of team building, leadership, sharing, pro-social activities and stewardship.

The camp, aptly named by the participants as Camp Squirky, was hosted by Prince Rupert Crime Stoppers and Northstream Environmental Group with the intended goal of creating a camp for youth led by youth.

“The purpose of this camp was to create an environment in which youth could build strong lasting relationships with each other, local service providers and local First Nations groups,” said Mike Russell of Prince Rupert Crime Stoppers.

Throughout the two camps, campers participated in several activities that taught leadership, teamwork and, during the evenings, sharing at a fireside chat that provided the opportunity to discuss goals and challenges that each participant had faced.

Daytime hours were dedicated to modern river fishing techniques, the importance of conserving the environment and basic wilderness survival techniques such as bushcraft, firecraft and water procurement.

“This camp was a huge opportunity for young people to get out into nature during the summer months and learn about environment, wilderness survival and themselves. A great deal of fun was had by all and I see a huge opportunity for the Prince Rupert youth community to really benefit from an initiative such as this,” said camp organizer and Crime Stoppers coordinator Const. Matt Ericson.

In the immediate future Crime Stoppers will be hosting additional camps during the year with the next camp anticipated to take place during the school district’s winter break where participants will learn cold weather survival techniques.

“Currently we are seeking applications from youth to join us at winter camp,” said Mike, noting space at the upcoming camps is being limited to 10 participants.

“All we ask is that potential candidates contact Prince Rupert Crimestoppers at, and tell us why they want to participate in the camp and what value they feel they would gain by attending,”

For additional information please contact Prince Rupert Crimestoppers at