Morgan Green’s Goomsm Xsgyiik (Winter Eagle Necklace)

Morgan Green’s work to be spotlighted at Bill Reid Gallery

Ts'msyen artist Morgan Green now introduces breathtaking hollow-form jewelry in her solo exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery.

Just as Bill Reid introduced repoussĂ© to Northwest Coast Art, Ts’msyen artist Morgan Green now introduces breathtaking examples of hollow-form jewelry in her solo exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, opening on April 30.

Ts’msyen Transforming reveals sophisticated works of art and personal adornment, in which Green honours the values, classical art and design of the Ts’mysen people, while using classic European gold smithing, bronze casting and fashion design techniques.

Green’s work is deeply rooted in her ancestral heritage. She takes her role as a Ts’msyen artist very seriously, and transforms various materials into works of art that respect and communicate family crests and oral histories.

Works in this exhibition were developed, designed and constructed over several months, and in some cases, years. Green has benefited from formal mentorships with her father, Henry Green, Ts’msyen master carver; Rick Adkins, Haida master engraver; and Gerold Muller, a German goldsmith and principal of Vancouver Metal Arts School.

For her inspiration, Green draws on her experience growing up close to nature, exploring the flora and fauna, and fishing on the Skeena River and ocean. Eagles, ravens, killer whales, and other beings appear in her work.

“Ts’msyen Transforming is an important evolutionary step in the development of personal adornment for Northwest Coast Art,” said curator Kwiaahwah Jones.

“Morgan Green has successfully brought together the best of both Indigenous and European cultures to evolve into beautiful contemporary examples of what can happen when ideas and cultural knowledge work together.”

Green aspires to master her craft and go back to her home community of Prince Rupert to mentor others from her Nation.

Ts’msyen Transforming will be at the Bill Reid Gallery April 30, 2014 to September 14, 2014.