A new gate and permanent shelters are among the upgrades being proposed for the Tlell Fairgrounds

Tlell Fairgrounds upgrades planned

As much as $50,000 worth of upgrades and maintenance could be done to the Tlell Fairground if funding is approved.

As much as $50,000 worth of upgrades and maintenance could be done to the Tlell Fairground if funding is approved.

The Tlell Fall Fair Committee is working on funding requests to help construct and upgrade structures on the fairgrounds so it can be a year-round facility.

The committee developed current facilities, including the main hall and entrance gate over a number of years to accommodate the annual Tlell Fall Fair, but use has grown to include a variety of events like the Edge of the World Music Festival, Misty Isle Bible Camp, All-Island Seniors Gatherings, private birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries.

In order to better accommodate events the committee hopes to make a number of improvements, the first being to add permanent folding doors to the main hall so it is weather resistant and updating its lighting. At the moment, groups using the site in unfavourable weather conditions have been building temporary walls at the front of the main hall which causes unwanted wear to the


The committee also hopes to install a new security gate at the highway entrance to the inner field and construct a permanent shelter structure that could be used by vendors along the south tree line of the inner field.

“The additions of new infrastructure and upgrading others, we will increase the utilizations and comfort of all users. With the addition of a permanent structure along the south tree line on the inner field, there would be no need to assemble and subsequently disassemble tents each year prior to the Fall Fair and after the Music Festival, respectively thereby reducing the constant wear of the of shelters,” wrote Tlell Fall Fair Committee chair Dougla Louis in the application to the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT)

The total projected cost of all the improvements is expected to be $50,000, with the committee preparing a request for $20,000 of funding from Gwaii Trust and $10,000 from the NDIT, with the remaining $20,000 to be taken from the Tlell Fall Fair Committee’s contingency


Louis said the committee is unsure of how many of the projects will be done until they know how much funding they are approved for, but said the main hall doors and entry gate will be done prior to this year’s Tlell Fall Fair on Aug. 3 as the group will use its contingency funds for the work.

If funding allows, the second priority would be beginning the structure, which would be done following the Edge of the World Music Festival.