Tyler Portelance, Mary Denton, Nivan Sharma and Kathy Nguyen on This Week for August 10th. (Shannon Lough / The Northern View)

This Week – Episode 45

Filmed in front of a tall ship at the public breakwater dock, Tyler and Nivan read the news

On This Week, we film next to the Pacific Swift tall ship at the Cow Bay Marina with Tyler Portelance and guest host Nivan Sharma.

Guests this week are Mary Denton, a runner and volunteer with the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society, who talks about this Saturday’s Quickclimb Race on Mount Hays. Then Kathy Nguyen talks about her improv show, Who Wants to Be A Rupertite, that will be performed at the Tom Rooney Playhouse on Saturday night for Udderfest.

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