Pacific NorthWest LNG and Breakfast Club of Canada staff visit students and teachers at Hartley Bay Elementary on April 12. Contributed photo.

Hartley Bay breakfast program receives continued support from Pacific NorthWest LNG

Students at Hartley Bay school able to eat healthy and learn about food sources with program

Students in Hartley Bay are able to eat healthy meals in the morning for two straight years now thanks to the Breakfast Club of Canada and Pacific NorthWest LNG.

In mid-April, members from both the breakfast club and the Pacific NorthWest LNG (PNW LNG) helped serve breakfast to both yiung kids and teens as part of the Hartley Bay Elementary/Secondary School Breakfast Program, first established in 2015 with the company and program’s partnership.

The goal of the Breakfast Club of Canada is to help children succeed by ensuring they eat a healthy meal in the mornings before school across the country. The club promotes engagement, enrichment and empowerment and partner with communities and corporate sponsors to achieve results. So far, the club has helped feed more than 163,000 students in Canada every day in 1,455 schools.

An investment from PNW LNG enabled the Breakfast Club of Canada to launch a breakfast program at the Hartley Bay school in 2015.

“The program is used to get our kids healthy meals every day and we’re seeing the learning go up from there,” said principal Cameron Hill of Hartley Bay Elementary. “The club also helped us teach our kids about local food resources, funding a project to take the kids in boats down the coast to learn about shellfish harvesting and the traditional role of this food in our culture.”

Tessa Gill, PNW LNG vice-president of external affairs added that the company is happy the program has been so successful in its first couple years.

“Pacific NorthWest LNG recognizes the importance of the Breakfast Club program and we are delighted to continue our support for the program in Hartley Bay,” Gill said.