Amy Dopson is off to Vancouver for BCBusiness' 30 Under 30 reception.

Prince Rupert’s Amy Dopson honoured to be one of the 30 Under 30

What started as an after-school study session with her sister and friends has turned Amy Dopson's world into a lucrative business.

What started as an after-school study session with her sister and friends has turned Amy Dopson’s world into a lucrative business model, and one that’s nowhere near hit its ceiling.

Pac 10 Tutoring has been an educational staple in Prince Rupert since 2009, offering tutoring services, with sophisticated “Smartboard” technology, and its founder Dopson is headed to BCBusiness’ “30 Under 30” reception as its newest member at the age of 27.

“It was just after my birthday or just before, so they called to let me know that I had been nominated and then I had to submit a whole bunch of [financial and reputable] information,” Dopson explained.

“It was a rigorous process … and then I didn’t find out that I had made the list until it was announced to the public.”

Dopson and her colleagues, Phat Tran and Chrystopher Thompson, typically work evenings and weekends, while Dopson performs administrative duties when she can.

Despite her age being a potential challenge to clients trusting her abilities at the outset of her business, Dopson’s advantage has profoundly been thanks to her juvenescence.

Because she’s only been out of school a comparably short time, Dopson recognizes the area’s teachers and their particularities and habits so she can gain a better understanding of her students’ situation in school.

“We have a lot of relationships with the teachers so we can talk back and forth on the progress of a student. They give us recommendations on where we could work with them and what’s being done at the school so we try our best to really make sure we’re on the same page,” she explained.

The hallmark jewel of Pac 10 is its Smartboard technology.

“It’s an interactive white-board so it’s almost kind of like a giant iPad that’s connected to a computer and projector. It’s all touch screen-based so you can play games and different elements that kids can interact with while learning,” said the founder.

And she’s not done yet.

“We’re always looking for new challenges and ways to expand. We have so many ideas and so many ventures we want to get into, but we don’t have either the capacity or the funds to do so it’s still in that planning and goal-setting stage,” she explained.

This weekend, Dopson will fly to Vancouver for the reception, where she’ll meet 29 other spirited minds from across the province.

“I can’t describe it,” she said.

“I was elated. It was an unreal experience to open the magazine and see my face, and Prince Rupert and our business. It’s something that’s going to definitely stay in my memory for a long time.”