Gordon Wilson addresses members of the chamber of commerce.

Partnerships key to LNG boom, says LNG Buy-BC advocate

LNG Buy-BC advocate Gordon Wilson said if businesses want to benefit from liquefied natural gas, the key may be working together.

LNG Buy-BC advocate Gordon Wilson was the guest of the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 15 and said if businesses want to benefit from an expected boom related to liquefied natural gas, the key may be working together rather than in competition with each other.

“The scope of the work is massive, so at the subcontractor and sub-subcontractor level there will be opportunities for us. It may mean that we have to get smart with partnering with our neighbours. Rather than one British Columbia company fighting with another British Columbia company to compete for business, sometimes it becomes better for us to work together,” he said.

“I think the strength of B.C. business in this industry is going to be our capacity to work together and get smarter to go out there and say, ‘you have these sets of strengths in your company, I have these sets of strengths in my company, why don’t we bring our companies together and we can start to bid’. British Columbia businesses have proven that when we do that, we can compete with the best in the world and we can succeed.”

As well as partnering with other businesses throughout B.C., connecting with First Nations on the North Coast will be a critical part of any business finding success when it comes to LNG construction or operational services.

“The days when First Nations are not included in decision making are long gone and I think properly so, and the First Nations I have spoken with are keen to have proper partnerships and business relationships,” said Wilson.

“Companies when they come in, and they will make it very clear, will let you know First Nations business trumps all other because they want to make sure First Nations are properly engaged in this process. I think that is only proper and only correct.”

Wilson noted any businesses wanting to be part of building the LNG industry in B.C. should not only find out what pre-qualifications are needed to be allowed to bid on contracts, but also register their business at the LNG Buy-BC website.