A rendering of the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal on Kitson Island.

Pacific Northwest terminal changes well received

Pacific NorthWest LNG brought its modifications in the design of the Lelu Island terminal last week, changes largely met with approval.

Pacific NorthWest LNG brought its modifications in the design of the Lelu Island terminal to the public last week, changes that were largely met with approval.

“Overall, I think it has been positive. We are very pleased to see our design mitigations are being positively received,” said spokesperson Tessa Gill at the Oct. 8 open house in Prince Rupert.

“We have taken a lot of effort to listen to the community and First Nations in terms of their concerns about the project and, as you can see, we have put quite a few measures in place to overcome those concerns.”

The Prince Rupert open house, which attracted more than 75 people, followed an open house in Port Edward the previous day that attracted more than 40 residents. Gill said she was glad to see that kind of interest in what Pacific NorthWest LNG is proposing.

“It is important for the community that they are being heard. We are taking considerable effort to demonstrate that and seriously consider their concerns and mitigations,” she said, noting consultations are ongoing.

“We hope to have a further open house either in December or January, depending on demand and how much people want to know about the project, but we decided it would be important that people were informed of these mitigations and what we are doing … as soon as we get an idea and the idea is formed to the point that we think it is something we can do, that it is feasible, then it is very important to bring to the community so they can be involved early on.”

Along with information on the design changes, the open house included renderings of what the terminal and associated trestle would look like both from Port Edward and Kitson Island.

Pacific NorthWest LNG remains on track for a final investment decision by the end of the calendar year.