Ted Keehn and John Glencross stand in front of Teddy's Musical Instruments

Changes coming in Prince Rupert business community

There are big changes in Prince Rupert's business community, with a few established businesses either closing or switching owners.

There are big changes happening in Prince Rupert’s business community, with a few established businesses either closing down or switching owners.

Perhaps the most rooted business shutting its doors is Teddy’s Musical Instruments. After 27 years of business in Prince Rupert, the music store will be closing so owners Ted Keehn and John Glencross can retire.

“It’s just time; is all,” said Keehn, who gave thanks to everyone that’s supported Teddy’s over the years.

Originally opening as Teddy’s Records and Tapes in 1983, the business reopened in ’87 after briefly closing.

“We were asked by a lot of people in town to get back into business after we closed,” Keehn said.

There’s a great deal of memories for Keehn, the days of albums being a hot item are his favourite.

“I miss the old album days. That was the best time. Every week was an event; every Wednesday when we got our shipment it was like kids going to a concert to see the new releases. People were at our door waiting to get in. It was pretty cool,” he reflected.

“We nicknamed one guy Loomis because he would always beat the Loomis guy, who did our deliveries,” Keehn laughed.

“We feel it’s time for us to fade out, and perhaps somebody new will take over the business. So far there’s been no one rushing in to buy, but maybe someone younger will want to take on what we’ve been doing,” said Keehn, adding he and Glencross plan to have the business’ doors closed by June 30.

Rainforest Books, Prince Rupert’s lone bookstore, was also displaying a closing down sign as owner Gordon Blumhagen has decided to make a change of direction in his life.

Blumhagen has run both Rainforest and his mobile repair business for a number of years and decided to put his focus on just one.

“It’s been a wonderful business that I’ve been passionate about for just about 12 years now, and it’s really sad to do it … I can no longer devote myself to two companies,” he said.

But according to Blumhagen, Rainforest Books won’t be seeing its final days necessarily. While he declined to go into detail on the subject, Blumhagen said the store has been purchased by someone with the intention of keeping it open.

As well, Prince Rupert’s Hollywood Video quietly closed at the end of April, after reopening in October 2010. Owner Saied Rohani said there wasn’t enough business to remain open, with the closure affecting four employees.