Revisions to Pacific NorthWest LNG’s Lelu Island terminal means a delay in approval for the environmental assessment.

Approval of Lelu terminal delayed

Changes to Pacific NorthWest LNG's Lelu Island terminal has pushed the potential green light date.

Changes to the design of Pacific NorthWest LNG’s terminal on Lelu Island have pushed back the potential date of an green light from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).

The 365-day environmental assessment cycle came to a halt on May 9 after the CEAA requested more information about the terminal and its impact on salmon in the area. The Globe and Mail reports that even if the assessment were to resume this week  the earliest approval could be received is May, 2015.

However, Pacific NorthWest LNG spokesperson Spencer Sproule said the delay allowed changes to be made to benefit the region.

“Pacific NorthWest LNG proposed a number of mitigations in response to feedback we heard from the community, particularly regarding Flora Bank and the marine environment. These mitigations, including building a suspended bridge from Lelu Island over Flora Bank to Agnew Bank requires more data collection and information to be submitted to the regulator,” he said.

“We are working hard to ensure that we provide all the information that is required for the regulator, and the public, to make an informed decision on what we think is a world class LNG facility and a tremendous opportunity for British Columbia and Canada.”

Despite the delay, Sproule said the company remains on-track for a final investment decision by year’s end.

“Regulatory approvals are one of numerous components that inform a final investment decision — I cannot speculate on whether all components are required for a final investment decision to take place,” he said.